Thursday, January 13, 2011


I could honestly justify owning at least 10 pairs of boots. I do not currently own this many pairs, but I could and I might need to. Let me explain...We all know that cold weather requires we have several comfy warm pairs of flat boots as well as the obligatory "you know what" me boots with stiletto heels that fit to the calf and walk a fine line on the slutty side. We also need our "Town and Country" boots for those days at the horse races or those days shopping and lunching with our conservative friends in our Burberry trenches. We also need a few pairs to walk around the city for hours on end when there is no cab in sight and we are too busy shopping to notice and for looking cute while shoveling snow and heading to the ski slopes. As far as I see it, I could use the following pairs: One pair of black flat boots, one pair of black medium heeled boots to work in, one pair of black "you know what" me sexy heeled boots, one pair of flat brown boots, one pair of brown heeled boots, one pair of rain boots, one pair of snow boots, one pair of gray flat boots and several pairs of ankle booties. Yes, I am obsessed but you can see I truly need them all. Now I found the coolest new boot accessory and it will soon be available at Diva...the strap downs from Is-a-belt. These handy little straps go around the ankle to hold your pant leg down so you can tuck them into your boots with ease. Dubbed "pure jean-eous" by Women's Day Magazine and used as a trick by the military for years, these handy little straps will never leave your handbag!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Go Monochromatic!

We diva's love our dark skinny jeans with a colorful top, a sweater or perhaps a boyfriend jacket. But take a walk on the daring side and go for a monochromatic look this season. Not to worry...we are not talking twin sets in head to toe mint green or a Hillary inspired rainbow pantsuit...yuck! Start with a gray skinny jean (this one by chip and pepper) add a fun top in a slightly lighter hue of the same shade (this ruffle, tie front by Daniel Rainn is under $100) and then pull it all together with bold black accessories for a little punch. Think outside the box and experiment a little. Keep the colors within the same shade, just different hues. Some shades of brown may clash so you will need to eyeball it in the light to be sure. Have fun and give your baby blues a break!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Many of you may remember the scene from The Wizard of Oz where the Wicked Witch of the West casts a spell on Dorothy with poison poppies. That scene always bothered me as a Virgo because the poppy is our birth month flower and well, I just love poppies! Now I have a new reason to love them; while attending the Zac Posen Spring Fashion show in New York (interesting story how I got in to share at another time) I was awe-struck with the poppy colored trench that led the show. While back in New York for the spring buyers market, I was on a mission to find one that was more affordable but just as amazing. When I had all but given up on it, there it was...Ted Baker London had a stunning poppy trench with a silk floral lining and it was to die for! Ted Baker had parted ways with their New York reps and took the line back across the pond a few years back. Well divas, they are back state-side and will be available again at Diva Boutique Harbour Center this spring! This trench cast a spell on me and it will do the same to you! Wonder if the Wicked Witch knew something we didn't?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Celebs and their fragrances

So I am assuming that in order to "arrive" in Hollywood these days, you must have your own perfume on the market. On a recent buying trip to vegas, my sis and I were perusing our fashion mags in flight (back to front as always, avoid the ads and get to the meat) and we came across a perfume review. Seven of the Eighteen scents were by celebrities and it got us wondering, "How do I feel about smelling like Celine Dion or Kim Kardashian?" She is totally opposed to the whole idea so it made me wonder if I was too. I have decided to embark on a little experiment to see if any of them are worth it or if it is just one more way for them to exploit their fame for cash. I am completely obsessed with perfume and all things that smell good and I am very big on having my own signature scent (although a certain sales girl at Diva has been donning my Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue and I am not sure if the shop is big enough for both of us to smell that good) so I am on the hunt for a new smell. On that same trip to Vegas while drunk shopping at Barney's, I came across an interesting concoction by Commes de Garcon. Loved it drunk, hated it sober. Note to self; be sure to TRY ON the fragrance, do not buy it from the little paper strip test!
So I am going to give the celeb labels a try (fingers crossed) and was wondering if anyone has a to die for bottle that I absolutely must have?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shh...don't mention the unmentionables!

We women have so many little tricks up our sleeves for looking better so I decided to share a few products I love to make our fashion and beauty lives just a bit easier. 
1.     Miss Oops deodorant sponges - these take the white deodorant marks out of dark clothing and have been known to remove some other types of stains from even lighter clothing...miraculous!
2.     Bra converter straps - these small plastic discs transform your regular bra to a racerback lickety more embarrassing straps "peeking out" from your tank tops.  We love the Hollywood Hook ups.
3.     Sassy bax Torso Trim smoothing garments.  Back bacon be gone!!
4.     Dry shampoo - this really does absorb the grease and add texture to limp, greasy hair.  Be sure to get one that is tinted to your hair color and rub in well.
5.     Denim hem tape.  This is a thicker, heavy duty double sided fashion tape made especially for denim to convert your "high heel jeans" to your "flats jeans" in no time.  Perfect for travel!!
6.     Is-a-belt invisible belt.  This little gadget is a clear, thin profile belt that looks like a bra strap and holds up the pants to eliminate waist gap without the bulk of a belt and buckle situation.  Perfect for fixing the loose pants with fitted tops that you don't want to tuck in. (I swear I think I invented this in my head and could be making millions by now!!)
7.     Low beams because high beams are for cars.  Enough said.
8.     Nu bra push up adhesive bra.  These are not the chicken cutlets, but will give you coverage and lift in the front while leaving a sexy back!
9.    Dryel stain remover on the go.  This little stick is like having a genie in a tube that fits in your make up bag.  Pure genius!!
10.   Ear lifts.  Little adhesive gel discs that slip onto the back of the lobe and grab the earring post so they sit up in the lobe and do not cause the dreaded pirate ear sagging.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

To Hose or Not to Hose (as published in the Capital Newspaper)

That is the question we have all asked at some point in our fashion lives.  Do I wear hose with this? What color would look right? Is it okay to go bare legged?  At my age?  Relax and follow a few key rules that will have you looking fabulous, at any age.

Let the weather dictate.  No, this does not fall under the category of “you may never wear white after Labor Day.”  This is a common sense rule.  If the temperatures are soaring and you have a cocktail party, you will still look amazing without the nudes you think you need to cover up those chalky white legs.  Be sure to shave, exfoliate, moisturize and if possible, apply a subtle bronzer (Jergens Daily Glow Mouse will have you tanned in three applications without the orange hue or streaks).  Do not skip the all important pedicure if your shoes are open toed.  If you have unsightly veins or other imperfections that need covering up, opt for an ultra sheer, barely there color and keep in mind they do offer toeless versions for the sandals.  Bring the shoe with you because the cut of the shoe will determine whether or not you can pull this look off.  Some of you may be saying they cannot imagine a life without Spanx.  You don’t need to skip the body shapers, just be sure they are short enough not to peak out from under the hemline when you sit and cross your legs. (Practice in a mirror!)

In the cold of winter, opaque tights (that is, completely dark, not sheer) will go with absolutely every dress in your wardrobe and are extremely stylish. Add a simple black pump or a funky bootie to finish it off.  Not only will you add length to your legs, you will add length to your hemline.  Any time a dress fares a bit on the short side, an opaque tight and dark shoe will trick the eye.  Since you are showing less skin, the hemline appears more acceptable.  The same dress sans the hose may look risqué.

One rule of thumb applies to evening wear across the board, regardless of the season:  bare legs will always look better with formal evening wear.  Not even the black sheer tights you ask?  If your legs are so unsightly or you are that concerned about getting a chill, you would be better off wearing a longer dress than wearing hose to the gala!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is it about the white button down????

By now everyone has probably heard about the controversy surrounding the Miss USA pageant photo shoot.  If not, the synopsis is this: they decided to do a black and white, sexy pictorial with either fishnets and corsets or unbuttoned white men's shirts and undies while spread out on the bed or draped over the chase lounge...very campy and Victoria Secret inspired.  The photos were amazingly gorgeous but definitely risque, so I can see both sides of the "was this or wasn't this appropriate" argument.  Miss USA is a role model for young girls, but she is also a beauty queen.  (On a side note, one of our own Diva Strut and Sip Models, Simone Feldman who is the reigning Miss Maryland did not make it as a finalist but looked stunning and is a winner in our book!).  One thing the debate inspired me to blog about is the ooozing sex appeal of a woman in a white button down shirt (undone just a bit) that cinches the waistline and gives off that "I just slipped this on after a romantic tryst" look.  That is not to say the crisp, very professional version is not an equally important wardrobe essential for the working girl, but the men just cannot resist the look of us with tasseled hair in a better fitting version of their shirt.  Ooh, la, la!!