Thursday, January 13, 2011


I could honestly justify owning at least 10 pairs of boots. I do not currently own this many pairs, but I could and I might need to. Let me explain...We all know that cold weather requires we have several comfy warm pairs of flat boots as well as the obligatory "you know what" me boots with stiletto heels that fit to the calf and walk a fine line on the slutty side. We also need our "Town and Country" boots for those days at the horse races or those days shopping and lunching with our conservative friends in our Burberry trenches. We also need a few pairs to walk around the city for hours on end when there is no cab in sight and we are too busy shopping to notice and for looking cute while shoveling snow and heading to the ski slopes. As far as I see it, I could use the following pairs: One pair of black flat boots, one pair of black medium heeled boots to work in, one pair of black "you know what" me sexy heeled boots, one pair of flat brown boots, one pair of brown heeled boots, one pair of rain boots, one pair of snow boots, one pair of gray flat boots and several pairs of ankle booties. Yes, I am obsessed but you can see I truly need them all. Now I found the coolest new boot accessory and it will soon be available at Diva...the strap downs from Is-a-belt. These handy little straps go around the ankle to hold your pant leg down so you can tuck them into your boots with ease. Dubbed "pure jean-eous" by Women's Day Magazine and used as a trick by the military for years, these handy little straps will never leave your handbag!

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